Introductory Dramatherapy Course

Introductory Dramatherapy Course (not available)

This course is intended to familiarise participants with the rudiments of dramatherapy.

(Suitable for people working in teaching, health & counselling or those in the arts who wish to work in a therapeutic & healing way. Ideal for those thinking of pursuing further study in dramatherapy.)


There will be experiential and theoretical work in the following areas:

Symbol & Metaphor



Role Theory

Dramatherapy for various populations

Psychodramatic techniques

Projective techniques of mask and puppetry


Theatro Therapy

Biographical work and performance


Additionally the following arts therapy modalities will be explained:

  • Art therapy

  • Voice – movement therapy

  • Somatic therapy

  • Dance – movement therapy

  • Narrative therapy/Arts

  • Biographical medicine by a G.P.

  • Guest presenters will join the course throughout


The following theories will be addressed:

Gestalt, Erikson, Piaget, Jung, Steiner, Lievegoed, CBT, counselling theory, narrative therapy and arts.



  • Gain skills in using drama techniques in a therapeutic way as adjuncts to your work;

  • Show understanding of the relevance of dramatherapy in biography;

  • Use drama-based interventions that help in the healing process;

  • Analyse group dynamics and elicit themes in reflective work.

  • Show how other arts therapies can support dramatherapy.



Through experiential work, reflection & discussion; monitoring of aims; self-assessment (journal). Essay to be submitted after weekend 5.