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Advanced Dramatherapy Course


Advanced Dramatherapy Course (not available)

This course explores the area of dramatherapy at a deeper level, and deals with the areas of report writing, supervision and professional practice.

(Suitable for people who have already completed the Introduction to Dramatherapy Course or have experience in psychodrama or creative arts therapies generally. For those pursuing further study in dramatherapy.)


There will be theoretical and experiential work in the following areas:

  • Advanced metaphorical work and distancing

  • Further work in Role Theory

  • Advanced projective techniques

  • Psychodramatic techniques;

  • Professional Practice

  • Supervision

  • Performance of small group work.


The final weekend will be dedicated to performance pieces demonstrating work with a particular population. Guest presenters will join the course throughout. They will inform from the medical and voice/speech aspects of therapy.



Through experiential work, reflection & discussion; monitoring of aims; self-assessment, as well as advanced small group facilitation and an assignment to be submitted after weekend 4.



  • Gain further skills in using drama techniques in a therapeutic way as adjuncts to your work

  • Show advanced understanding of the relevance of dramatherapy in biography

  • Use complex drama-based interventions that help in the healing process

  • Demonstrate ability to carry out supervised work in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team

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